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Startup script success...VBS launch app pointer?

Originally posted by osmosis
make the script a startup script and it'll always launch with winamp. it's bad practice to have something launch open-ended (ie. run but never stop), but that would be your best approach.
Thanks! Although I didn't know what you were referring to by startup script, then I Used The Source (and then also found the documentation) and realized I could name the script startup_xxx.vbs and it'd run on startup.

I noticed the early doc mentions naming a script changetrack_xxx.vbs and having that run every time a change happens. I didn't find reference to this in the source. Was that eliminated?

Anyway, I tweaked the included logsong.vbs so it doesn't hold the logfile open between tracks, and now I've got my multiple Winamps all logging to a single file.

Of course, what I REALLY want is to perform an arbitrary action (launch an app, or send an HTTP POST, etc.) on track change...but now I know that all I have to do is figure out how to do this in VBScript, and I'm set. Of course, a little pointer for a VBS noob wouldn't go to waste.

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