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Originally Posted by mjbrown View Post
The blacklist window does not list "Z:" at all. Like I said, SYSTEM_DRV is not normally assigned a letter. I don't know why or how it got to be "Z:". Maybe it's temporarily assigned just long enough to make backups of that partition, and Winamp noticed the assignment at that time.

Even if it's assigned a letter at some point, that partition is not on a USB drive anyway. Shouldn't the plugin know that?
well it must have been listed at some point to have triggered and pmp_usb handles any local drives be they on an ide connector or a sata connector or via usb - i don't remember anything in the OS api allowing that and this is how the plug-in has worked since 2006 (yes it probably doesn't sound right but if that's all that can be obtained then with exclusion and how the OS works then it's working as it can).

Originally Posted by mjbrown View Post
So does this happen whenever a partition is assigned a drive letter while Winamp is running, regardless of the drive's type or location? Does the same thing happen when drive letters are assigned to folders or UNC paths via SUBST?
all i know is it should only happen when a drive partition is announced.

i don't think the plug-in is suitable for what and how you've previously described you use Winamp - it's really for small mp3 players which appear like a drive in Windows and yes it can be used for doing things with other drives (since as said above there's no way to differentiate) but it's not recommended, hence the exclusion options which only provide what is known to the system at the time of querying the drive partitions in the system.

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