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Here are few problems to fix in NSIS 3.0a1 (minor)

1. In the About dialog of MakeNSISW "Close" button do nothing.
It should perform some action (here: the same procedure as defined for OK button - Close the form). As I remember, it was the same in older NSIS builds (maybe there is some reason for that)

2. When you choose "NSIS update" menu entry from MakeNSISW it shows a dialog that a new version is available (it is not true, as the newest one is already installed)

3. NSIS.exe application has a header image. It has a gap from the right side. Should be eliminated (title text bug is already reported)

4. I think, there is a problem with lang files with UTF-8 encoding, in Unicode installers.
I had a file encoded in that format and after compilation NSIS installer displayed wrong characters (I have no screenshot). Everything works perfect with UCS-2 Little Endian.

5. Problem (or not) with output language value stored in exe resource file. It is hard to explain, will try to do this...
I am not sure, but in NSIS 2.46 when you compiled your installer it saves to installer resource file "Neutral Language".

Now, it saves last defined language in script...
For example:
Last language in code is "English". Result:

And now:
Last language in code is "Turkish". Result:

Or maybe this is how it was ment to be?

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