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Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Here are few problems to fix in NSIS 3.0a1 (minor)
Thanks for finding and reporting all these issues!
  1. Fixed
  2. Todo: I believe this is a issue on the server
  3. I made the dialog 2 pixels thinner, might not fix it 100% on your end, some font & dialog unit calculation is probably required to completely fix this (The gap is probably from wxWidgets changes, not something we did)
  4. Do you have a small sample file I can use for testing?
  5. There was a change to the language blocks in the version info a while back but I'm guessing you are not adding the info correctly, if you don't use /LANG= the language used is indeed the last loaded. You should either add the VI keys for a language after you load the language or use /LANG.

    (Resource Hacker is buggy when it comes to multiple language blocks and cannot be trusted)

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