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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i expect we'll be getting the same treatment from now on <3
Not at all. I have no beef with winamp or shoutcast they've both been good to me.

I will see what happens with radionomy and wether they decide to allow small broadcasters to join their services in due course.

It just would've been nice to be able to sign up to it that is all. Without the need for huge TLH stats.

Although coming from a guy who makes it his full time job to bash spacial on every forum possible, it doesn't surprise me that you are complaining about something like this.
P.S For Mr Stouts information I was ripped off by Spacial to the tune of $299 so that gives me every right to express what i think about them on my blog. Which is nothing to do with you.

Plus you had no right coming onto my facebook page last week and trying to tell me what to think either!

**Byron Stout Now added to ignore list**

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