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Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Please check this:
Maybe you will find what you are looking for...
My Icon Packs just shows Winamp logo in small icon view, instead of extension.
Also, I dont think there are different colours for extensions (for sure not in mine).
Btw, You would like to see the colour for example Audio, Video groups or maybe each extension with different colour?

I'd downloaded a few icon packs already but am not able to find one that is like what I described. I am currently using Winamp Icon Pack (Llama).

I'm looking to use an icon pack like this (notice that at small/detailed view, the icons of different file extensions are of different colors and show the file extension):

It would be nice if there are different colors for every group, but better if there are different colors for every extension (I only let Winamp handle audio files only. I use another software for video files.)

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