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Output filename with DumpLog.

Hi all,

I am trying to use the DumpLog plugin. Logging installation is OK as I call the correct syntax in the 2 functions .onInstFailed ans .oninstSuccess.

The problem is the log has no extention and only the first letter of the wanted name.

For instance

PHP Code:
DumpLog:: DumpLog "log.txt" .R0 
will generate a file named "l"

PHP Code:
DumpLog:: DumpLog "${TempDir}\install_${MyTIMESTAMP}.log" .R0 
will generate a file named "i"

here the testing code:
PHP Code:
Name "DumpLogTest"
OutFile "DumpLogTest.exe"

!define /date MyTIMESTAMP "%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S"
!define TempDir "C:\TEMP"
MessageBox MB_OK "${MyTIMESTAMP}"
StrCpy $0 0

DetailPrint "$0"
IntOp $$1
$0 50 0 loop

::DumpLog "log.txt" .R0
    MessageBox MB_OK 
DumpLog::DumpLog "${TempDir}\install_${MyTIMESTAMP}.log" .R0
/*MessageBox MB_OK "DumpLog::DumpLog$\n$\n\
            Errorlevel: [$R0]" */
If anyone of you have an idea... thanks.
NSIS 2.46 Unicode on WIN 10 64bits.
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