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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
and now I am the selfish bad guy who does not want to share?
No, PeterK., I did not call you a bad guy. I only wanted to express that one can only call a project a collab if at least two people are working on it.

Who did what?
  • SoggyNoodles requested a skin but has not worked on it. If he had come up with an original idea then he would have deserved credit for it but the idea itself is not original. He just repeated an old request. But I may be wrong here. He could successfully repeat an old request at the right moment when an able skinner heard it. If so then I am wrong and he deserves credit as project initiator.
  • I tried to understand exactly what kind of a skin he meant but I have not worked on the skin so I deserve no credit.
  • You did the graphics and wrote the xmls and maki scripts.
So the only person who can claim credit for the skin is you.
Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
And you need invitation?
If you start working on something then it is up to you to decide whether you want to finish it alone or involve other people, too.
Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
Why did you delete it Ariszó?
I did not delete anything. I cannot see the screenshots that you posted starting with comment #7 but I did not delete them.

Please, finish the skin and publish it. I am sure that tablet users would be thankful for it.

I apologize to both PeterK. and SoggyNoodles if my previous post was offensive. And also for this post if it is.

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