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Question change label text multiple times

Hello NSIS experts,

I'm a newbie to NSIS and have to enhance some existing installer code. There is a page which accepts certain parameters (input from text fields) and manipulates them (when Next is clicked). The error messages generated are shown above the input fields in a Label with red color.

The page uses MUI. Displaying a message in the red Label is not an issue. Code currently is using


GetDlgItem $1 $hwnd 1204 ; PathRequest control (1200 + field 5 - 1)
SendMessage $1 ${WM_SETTEXT} 0 'STR:$0' ;show the message generated by external param checker

The error message on the label will change based on several attempts by user and before displaying each message it would be needed to clear the label. I've tried inserting bunch of \r\n in the label and another attempt was with bunch of spaces. None seem to work. New error message gets overwritten on the previous one.

Please help me by pointing me in the right direction to some samples or at least helping me realize the capabilities of Label type fields.

Thanks and have a good day,
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