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HW Monitor causes skipping/stretching of Shoutcast Streams

A few minutes ago I was able to reproduce and subsequently work-around an issue I was having while listening to Shoutcast streams.

Winamp Version: 5.581 (x86) July 12, 2010
HW Monitor Verson: 1.17.0

WHO: HW Monitor by CPUID
WHAT: Causes skips and/or stretching of the stream
WHERE: Any station on Shoutcast
WHEN: Depending upon the polling interval
WHY: I would imagine it's due to the polling the application does at pre-set intervals of sensors that monitor temperatures, voltages, etc., and not necessarily a bug in one or the other. If you set the polling for every 1 second, you will experience the issue every second; if you set the polling to every 3 seconds, you will experience the issue every 3 seconds and so on and so forth.

I haven't upgraded to the latest version of either application, and it could very well be that this was corrected and/or addressed. I just wanted to put it out there that applications polling the health of your box could be the source should you also experience stream skipping and/or stretching.
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