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SHOUTcast DNAS 2 Beta (Build 19) 02/25/2011

Presenting the latest BETA drop of the SHOUTcast DNAS server for broadcasters, developers and testers. This build is our latest GM release candidate and introduces new features as listed in the “Changes” section below, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous BETA builds.

This BETA release is now available for the following platforms:
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions) (Windows 2000 and up)
  • Windows 64-bit (Windows XP64 and up)
  • Linux
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Mac OS X (Intel)
  • BSD 8.x


You can download the updated version of the DNAS v2 from the direct downloads for the operating system version you require:

Build 19 (02/25/2011):
  • Changed password handling to not allow 'password' to be the same as 'adminpassword' with relevant checks on the per-stream passwords
  • Changed Ultavox 2 Winamp clients (typically prior to v5.60x) to receive a v1 SHOUTcast stream instead of an Ultravox 2 stream to resolve missing stream titles
  • Changed some of the reported details in the http headers used for SHOUTcast 2 (Ultravox 2.1) streams
  • Changed the stream admin page to also report the user agent of the connected clients
  • Fixed some more issues with password handling related to the changes in builds 17 and 18

Build 18 (02/24/2011):
  • Added prompt for configuration file to load if one is not specified or there is an error loading the configuration file in non-daemon / service mode
  • Fixed some admin options not working due to password related changes in the previous release e.g. prevented legacy client title updates
  • Fixed loading issues on non-Windows versions related to the handling of the banned and reserved IP files

Getting Started

If you already have a running instance of the DNAS v2 then there should not be any issues with replacing your current version with this new version.

If this is a new install then make sure to read through the information in 'docs\getting_started.txt' along with the example configuration files provided in this new version which should make it easier to get started. Alternatively you should consider looking at the configuration builder which is included in the 'config_builder' folder.

Finally, all copies of the documentation can also be found online at

Reporting Issues

If you do come across an issue with the DNAS v2, then please do post in this thread with as much information as possible about what you're doing at the time, the system you are using and anything else which will make it easier to understand what is or isn't going on with your install.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the v2 DNAS raised in previous releases but not currently fixed / fully confirmed as needing to be fixed (i.e. intended behaviour):
  • If the external IP is bound to a different device than the primary on the machine then the server will not work as expected (e.g. eth1 instead of eth0)
  • Listing a relayed stream when using the YP2 mode is known to not work and will return a 474 error code from the attempt to connect to the YP. Setting the server as non-public or using the v2 DNAS in legacy mode (yp2=0) will allow the stream to be listed but means you lose all of the YP2 features. This is being worked on.
  • When connecting Winamp 5.60x to a v2 SHOUTcast stream when using the Bento or Big Bento skins will cause the Winamp UI to lockup for up to 60seconds (depends upon the machine, etc). Install to resolve this issue (this patch will be shipped with the next version of Winamp after 5.60x)

Additional Information

Windows versions of the DNAS v2 are built with a dependency against the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. If sc_serv is unable to start due to a dependency issue then you will need to install the correct version of the package so it can run which depends on the version of sc_serv you are attempting to run:

32-bit -
64-bit -

This new version has been tested on a number of current Linux versions (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS) so should hopefully run on other versions as well and without any dependency or locale related issues (as affected the first version).

Discussion about the previous version of the server including changelogs can be found in the following threads
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