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A few more notes about the behavior.

1. If the 'random' button in vis window is enabled, MilkDrop will change the preset all 10 seconds (what preset will come next depends on the choosen option under 2.)

2. If you push the 'R' key on your keyboard while the vis window is focused, you can choose between 'Sequential' and 'Random' preset choosing.

Sequential - will go through the list from top to bottom,

Random - will choose a random preset from the list, which will be used next.

These 2 option affect the main 'Random' button feature (1.) and if you manually switch to the next preset using the space key.

3. You always can lock the current preset. Pressing the 'Scroll lock' key on your keyboard, while the vis window is focused will lock the current preset, so that it won't be changed.

I hope I haven't confused you more, hehe.
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