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Very odd behaviour from two streams

I know this is a Shoutcast forum, and the thing is I'm using Shoutcast's sc_serv,conf

On Shoutcast directory, it's fine. I have Triple-K and Quantum Radio streaming and showing no worries.

I have two streams to Audiorealm.
1. Quantum Radio
2. Triple-K

If I now display Triple-K, I see this for example, the track currently playing and streaming.
Artist:Jason Carter & Hossam Ramzy
Title:Miracles Of Coincidence

Which is correct - however...
The actual audio, is the audio from Quantum Radio ???? How does that work.?

It's picking up the track title, artists etc, but the wrong audio.

Now, as I know that Audiorealm is practically dead in the water, it's probably not worth the effort of trying to figure it out, but out of interest I'm wondering how that situation could arise?
and wondering if there is a guru on this board who may have some idea of how the stream and the metadata are separated?
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