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i cannot make sense of this or your other thread at the moment (giving me a headache from the wall of text) as it's just rambling and with information put all over the place.

how you had things previously with 2 streams on the 8000 instance was the best way to do things (as i don't know why you also had to have a 8080 instance but you're clearly trying to run before you can walk and are just confusing yourself and anyone trying to read your posts).

if you want one station per DNAS then make sure that 8000 and 8080 are getting the correct stream from the source being used - the DNAS has no control over that, only you can control such matters.

so get one stream running as you want it (e.g. Quantum to 8000 #1) and then work on the second one (e.g. Triple-K to 8000 #2)
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