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Stream to Winamp [i.e. not using Winamp TO stream]

I am sorry if the answer to this question is blatantly obvious but we just haven't it would seem the technical prowess to find it ourselves.
We have used and loved Winamp on a single client PC for years.
This single notebook now has a WD My Book Mirror Edition USB device attached to it - it was intended to be attached to a NetGear WNDR3700 router and so become a NAS device but that feature we find out now, is only compatible it would seem with a few external USB devices. Long but for us very disappointing story!
Anyway we have recently upgraded our 35 year audio devices and 10 year old TV respectively to our first ever multi channel AV receiver and surround speakers and flat screen HD LED TV. Both the AV receiver, TV and a WD TV media player we also purchased are DLNA certified.
So we are currently evaluating and will possibly purchase a license for TwonkyManager which will from this first possibly 'always on' notebook in a study, stream audio, images and video to the devices mentioned above.
So far, in principle, we think this should work.
What we wanted to know but seem unable to figure out for ourselves is whether Winamp installed on another notebook, in another location but with a wireless connection to our home network can 'see' and playback audio from the TwonkyManager' media sever running on the other notebook and if so, how or what is the best way to do this?
Thanks for reading our post and possibly for your suggestions.
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