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Cool New tool - Graphical Installer (installers wih custom design)


In this thread I would like to inform about my tool called Graphical Installer for NSIS.

It is professional extension for NSIS which allows to change the design of whole installer. I also allows to create installers with irregular windows (parts of window can be fully transparent). Key features:
  • Fully customizable graphical interface - It is possible to change design of whole installer: Background picture, icons, buttons, progress bars, colors and more! See the list:
  • Custom picture for installer background - Supports many formats (.jpg, .bmp. .gif, .png, .tif, ...)
  • Custom icons - Installer, Uninstaller, ...
  • Custom picture for buttons - Next, Back, Cancel, Browse, custom created, ...
  • Custom picture for scroll-bars - License page, Readme page, ...
  • Custom color for texts - Headers, labels, links, static texts, ...
  • Custom color for button texts in various situations - For normal, focused, pressed and disabled state
  • Custom color for installation progress bar - Foreground and background
  • Creating installers with irregular windows - Part of window can be fully transparent - you are no more tied to rectangular shape!
  • Easy to be integrated into existing scripts - All you need is to add references to installer's script, no hard-coding is necessary!
  • Templates and examples for instant start - We provide many templates and examples, so your installer can be finished in few minutes!
  • Graphical Installer Wizard for creating new and converting existing scripts - Plug-in for many IDES (HM NIS Edit, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Inno Script Studio, Embarcadero RAD Studio) and standalone application for fast creating scripts with custom design.
  • Full compatibility with other plug-ins and functions - This product use the same core as traditional installers - so there is no difference in writing scripts!
  • Custom dialogs and interfaces - Thanks to its nature it is easy to add custom wizard pages and controls to them (text boxes, check boxes, labels, ...).
  • Support for multiple languages (also Unicode languages) - Fully multilingual support (including RTL languages) in one installer.
  • Simple switching between 'skinned' and 'classic' design of installer - Modify only single line of script to completely change the design of your installer from regular to custom design!

Picture of realized installer:

Visit official website for more info and download free Trial version.

This thread is not a help thread (please contact us for support) - I will post updates and changes here.

P.S.: This tool started several years ago and it is quite popular. The very beginnings are in this thread:

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2022:
or RAD Studio 2009 - 11 Alexandria:
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