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Hi ryerman,

Thank you for your request. It prompted me to pick 3 files at random from my collection and rename them using the accent marks in their artist names (Mýa - Tears On My Pillow.mp3, Zhané & Will Downing & Najee - Piece It Together.mp3 and Zoë - Yearning.mp3). To my surprise they play with v5.666.3516. I've had these songs for years (when I was using Windows 7) and unfortunately I don't remember what Winamp version I was using that didn't play them until I removed the accent marks from their filenames. Since I had a workaround that was acceptable to me (i.e. using accent marks in the artist tag), I never checked for the issue in subsequent Winamp versions. So I don't know when it became no longer necessary to remove accent marks from filenames.

Hopefully andromeda_m31 will tell us what version of Winamp he/she is using.

It may also be possible that the versions of the 3rd party audio plug-ins I was using at the time was the real reason for the issue, instead of Winamp.

Also, as you noted, the lack of song runtime is suspicious. The OP didn't say that simply changing the filename allowed the runtime to be displayed. I can't be sure if I also had that issue along with the accent marks, but I don't think I did.

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