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5.33 "online services" Playlist Bug??

A bit of an annoying "bug".

In 5.32, I set it up to add songs to the end of the playlist when double clicking from the library and also direclty from the file.

In 5.33 this works the same, everything ok.

In 5.32, when I select "AOL Radio with XM" under online services, it clears the playlist, connects, and starts to play. This is exactly what I want.

In 5.33, selecting the same treats it like selecting a song and puts the "channel" at the end of the playlist.

I liked the 5.32 behavior much better. 5.33 makes it harder the "channel surf" the online services.

Is the 5.32 behavior a "bug" that was fixed or is there and additional setting in 5.33 to address this?

I reloaded 5.32 and it works the way i like it..

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