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Originally posted by Semantics
The question than is...what makes that small, insignificant cluster of cells a human? I respect your opinion Cabo, but how do you justify that that cluster is a human. Just because it has the potential to become a human does not make it human. Its like yelling at someone when they use a condom during sex citing that the sperm are destoryed. Just because sperm has potential (or the egg) does not make it human.
Using a condom is preventing conception by preventing the sperm and egg from joining. It is not the same as killing a fetus that already has life.

A fertilized egg is more than just potential human life. At conception the fetus has unique human DNA and life.

A child has the potential to become an adult human same as a fetus. Does that mean that its ok to experiment on a child? Where do you draw the line on being human? Does the act of passing out of a uterus make us human? Does the act of conception create human life? If you say no, then any collection of cells could be said to be not human. Does rational thought make us human? Then a newborn isn't human? Is it Ok to experiment on your newborn baby?

The only rational point to declare a human life is at conception.

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