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@cabo: i was being sarcastic (yeah, i already know i have a lame sense of humor). the decreased size stuff was more of a note to anyone who read it. anyway.....

When someone compares abortion to stem-cell research i get the impression that they know little on the subject. comparing abortion to stem-cell research is a lame argument, and here's why.

in abortion, the life/fetus/thing/whatever-you-want-to-call-it
would otherwise have a future and that is being stopped. Here, we are talking about a small cluster of cells that has no future or life at all. Given that they would otherwise be discarded if not used, the argument against stem-cell research is basically:

"no, we can't help others by killing them, we should kill them without helping anyone."

in other words, abortion is "we are going to stop a life", while stem cell research is "there is no life to stop." pretty simple really.

Are you too dense to understand that?

I don't think anyone is "killing them" because at that stage there is not living organism, only living cells. I'm sure you know the difference there.

On another note, i think the title of this thread is misleading.....not that it really matters anyway.

What's next, experimenting on your little sister?
I hope you aren't serious....

What the fuck is up with you people?
I feel like saying that same thing, given that some people want to "protect a human life" by throwing it into a trash can instead of saving lives with it.

A child has the potential to become an adult human same as a fetus.
you said it yourself. The problem with your argument now is that stem cells have no potential because they would be discarded anyway. at least, the ones in the in vitro clinics. would you be happier if only those were used instead?

well, i look forward to a discussion.......

also, i hate to sound like a little bitch (as i am about to), but, here we go....

WHY is it morally wrong?
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