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Good job staying with the thread. I know some people that would run away after seeing so much opposition.

simply for reference, if i was going to flame you, it would be much more to the point, full of insults and in a rather large size, and bold. I'm "to the point".

that said:
It is denying a life from reaching its potential.
the "life" HAS NO POTENTIAL because it is going to be discarded. That was one of my major points.

I feel you're wrong as I stated before. I believe life begins at conception
We each have our own viewpoints there, so that's that.

- so in any case, it would be killing the cells.
so, I guess i should get arrested for genocide when I close the garage door and it squishes some ants? (frickin ants always crawl around under it )

I was using a dramatic example to demonstrate my point.
Hence the example was an exageration(sp?), but still more or less serious at its base. which I view as utterly rediculous. Stem-cell research leads to human experimentation?

It should not have been conceived in the first place.
Interesting viewpoint. But, does that mean that we should throw away all the existing ones instead of using them to save lives?

If you agree with my statement, how can you say that they have no potential?
because they are going to be discarded if they are not used for research. in other words, it is a choice between throwing them away and saving people's lives with them.

ah, wait. when you said fetus i assumed you meant a fetus such as one in a pregnant mother, rather than a group of stem cells. did i make a false assumption there? If you meant stem-cells by fetus i see where that last post of mine would have made no sense. However, keep in mind that we are talking about things that will never grow up, never have that chance to "reach their potential".....well...actualy...they DO have the potential to save/improve millions of lives...and people against stem-cell research are killing that potential......and those million's of lives' potential......hmmmmmm.

As I stated elsewhere, this is (these are) my beliefs based on my research. You are free to develop your own. If you want a theological discussion, start a new thread - that I may or may not participate in.
point taken.
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