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Originally posted by mikeflca
ah, wait. when you said fetus i assumed you meant a fetus such as one in a pregnant mother, rather than a group of stem cells. did i make a false assumption there? If you meant stem-cells by fetus i see where that last post of mine would have made no sense. However, keep in mind that we are talking about things that will never grow up, never have that chance to "reach their potential".....well...actualy...they DO have the potential to save/improve millions of lives...and people against stem-cell research are killing that potential......and those million's of lives' potential......hmmmmmm.

point taken.
Thanks for the grmatkle kerecshun! I tuk Evlin Wudhed's Sped Reedn' Korse.

My point is this: where do you draw the line? hence the objectionable example(s).

You make a distintion between a cluster of cells and a fetus. I do not. To me a human embryo is just that: a human embryo.

I ask again where do you draw the line? At conception? at 1 month? at 4? at birth?, how about 1 year? I say you cannot draw a line. I believe that life begins at conception. I doubt that you can prove that wrong. If you can't then your arguments make no sense.

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