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agreed, a line must be drawn somewhere. However there are two lines to be drawn: when is life "life" (yeah that sounded lame but you know what i mean) and when is it NOT. that is to say, if you draw the line at conception, then it is as much a crime to kill an ant as it is to killa 40yr old dude.

I believe that life begins at conception. I doubt that you can prove that wrong.
certainly, CELLS start living at conception. To say that those cells constitue a human being is an opinion.

If life begins at conception, couldnt in-vitro clinics or whatever they are called be sued for holding these people against their will?

realistically this argument(edit: by argument i meant this whole discussion between us 2 [or whoever else is involved])is worthless because we both "know" that we are "right" if you know what i mean.

my main point is that it is pure stupidity to say that we should "save lives" by throwing out stem cells instead of using them to save lives.....i doubt you can refute that. feel free to try though.
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