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Now Playing was a feature provided by AOL, so yes it no longer works. It looked up info on the internet about the currently selected or playing song. The current owners may be bringing this feature back in a future release.

You need to open the panel for the playlist editor to see and work with the songs in the play queue. Right-click on the title bar and select it from the list of commands in the main context menu or press the shortcut keys (Alt+E). If you still don't see it on the right hand side, move the mouse pointer over close to the far right edge of the window until the pointer changes to a double headed arrow, then click and drag to the left. You can re-size (or hide) most of the panels by clicking on the borders between them and dragging the borders in different directions (up, down, left or right).

Items added to the play queue go to the bottom of the list in the playlist editor (below what is already in the list). There are various ways to change the order of the items in the playlist editor. If the list isn't very long, the fastest way is to click and drag. You can move 1 item at a time or a group of items. You select a group of items the same way you would do in Windows Explorer.

Winamp works like Winamp. Do not expect it to work like other apps. Once you learn how it does things and all the things it can do, you will probably like using it. Try right-clicking on various things or in various places. Winamp has a lot of context menus with commands related to what you clicked on or where you clicked.

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