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Originally Posted by J_Ason View Post
Also, when I click on a song in a list - say an album - to play it, and then queue up something else, I want it to play right after the current song. This is how Spotify works: if you tell the player explicitly to play or enqueue something, it has a higher priority than something that is only in the queue because you double clicked on a song above it in an album or other list. Is there a way to accomplish this?
yes. in prefs make sure the JTFE plugin is enabled, i have the first, 3rd, and 4th checkboxes checked, and then the first circle.

close prefs, get something playing, then find what you want next, right click, go to "send to" and click "move after current playlist item"

it works, but it is a little clumsy. i would like an option in winamp where only those things you click on (or multiple items you highlight and enqueue) are sent to the scratch playlist, (as opposed to everything in the smartview or album or whatever) and then as you click on each single item, they are added one by one to the playlist without resetting the playlist, (or multiple items at once either).

this would place more emphasis on the player controls and make the ML more of a playlist builder / manager. its just a different approach to the behavior and one i think a lot of people would like, and its one that could be done in prefs, so people could switch back and forth as they wished.


ok, what i just described above is true, except in prefs its the JTFE plugin's sub folder called ML Options.

and it looks like there are options on the Jump to File main entry in prefs to do what i said i wished winamp could do...

SO, i think what you want can be done, pretty directly, and without it being clumsy. i really rarely ever use the plugin, so now i have some reason to screw around with it.

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