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Yes, JTFE adds the ability to use a queue that acts like a second playlist. Files can be added to the queue from the playlist editor (and media library) and files added from Windows Explorer can be designated to go to the queue instead of the playlist editor.

There is a panel called the "Queue Manager" that lets you view what is in it and rearrange the items listed if wanted. Playback can be done directly from the queue or one or more selected files can be transferred to the playlist editor for playback. When using playback from the queue, once all the files (or selected files) have been played, 1 option is to have playback automatically continue from the playlist editor. There are several other options available to have Winamp do other things after the files (or selected files) in the queue are played.

In my home, our computer room (home office) is next to our bedroom. I sometimes load some files in the queue and have Winamp (and my computer) shutdown after they are played. This lets me use Winamp to serenade my wife and me to sleep, knowing that the computer will be shutdown properly after we're asleep.

JTFE is a very powerful plug-in and adds many useful features to Winamp. There are a few 'bugs' (when being used with some other 3rd party plug-ins), but I hope DrO will change his mind and continue to let it be used in new Winamp versions (if there are problems in making all that it provides into native features).

JTFE has been available for a long time. It took me a long time to take the time to learn what it can do. Now I use several JTFE features regularly.

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