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Known Winamp 5 Bugs (read this before posting)

List of Winamp 5.6x Known Bugs - as of Dec 2013

Any threads started in this forum which report known bugs will be locked or deleted.

Note: Some minor bugs are listed in the internal bugtracker but not listed here.


1. For anyone experiencing issues with the Milkdrop v2.23 vis plugin in v5.6-5.601, or v2.24 in 5.62, or v2.25c in 5.64+,
Milkdrop v2.2 from v5.58 is still available.

2. 'Animate video/vis drawer' is broken in Winamp Modern skin

3. Playlist Generator crashes during scan or Auto-Tag crashes on some files:
We need to update to the latest Gracenote SDK. Big job. Sorry :-(

KNOWN GLITCHES (Bugs? Or Unimplemented Features?)

1. Autotagger might return wrong results for some tracks if songs are not in the online Gracenote database.
Alas, there's not much that we can do about this....

2. in_wave v3.x doesn't support riff-wav's (ie. mp3 with wav header, or mp3 files that have been renamed with the .wav extension) or any codecs not supported by libsndfile library (eg. dsp truespeech or aud) *
Known Workarounds (choose one method only, #1 recommended):
1. Install the Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper plugin, by DrO from the Winamp Essentials Pack. Problem solved (more info).
2. Use the DirectShow Decoder (in_dshow) for WAV Support instead of in_wave | info (no 24bit output or transcoding support).
3. Use old in_wave from 5.13 instead (no support for multiuser profile setups, distortion with 32bit float wav playback).
4. If they are riff-wav's with embedded mp3 or mp3 files that have been (wrongly) renamed with the .wav extension, rename them back from *.wav to *.mp3 and let in_mp3.dll decode them instead.


Temp Section: 5.58-5.6x-specific issues/regressions

-[ml_playlists] Relative paths broken when using 'Import Active Playlist'

-[in_mp4] Some Hi-Res/HD h.264/mp4 videos not playing in Winamp Pro (audio-only, no video)

-[video] Support for multi-audio tracks broken in 5.57-5.6x

-[winamp] Using "Reset" button in 5.66x to clear history in Open URL dialog causes newer URLs not to be remembered

-[in_mp3] Some mp3 files cause 5.666 build 3516 to crash. Use in_mp3 from build 3512 instead (installer also available) *

-[notifier] Weird black pixels on corners of Bento & Modern skin notifier. Fixed png files available here *

-[gen_tray] Preferences window doesn't show the currently used Icon Pack in the dropdown list, always shows 'Standard Icon Pack' instead


Known Jump To File Extra (gen_jumpex.dll) regressions/bugs

JTF dialog not remembering skinned window setting inbetween Winamp sessions (fixed in v1.33) **


Lang Pack Bugs / Updates


* = Fixed via update patch
** = Fixed in latest JTFE internal/dev build
* = Use Known Workaround


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