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Installer trouble: "You must close Winamp before you can continue"

Downloaded 5.09.2 today, and tried to install winamp on my vanilla W2K sp 4 + security patches + chipset drivers + dx9c + display drivers.

Saved Studio.xnf to somewhere else, otherwise THERE IS NO WINAMP FOLDER ANYWHERE ANYMORE.
Yet the installer kept nagging about that I must close Winamp before I can continue; however, I have not played ANY mp3 yet, i. e. I have not used Winamp yet at all (as it was not properly installed by now).

I do want to know which file this is that is accessed *outside* the Winamp folder by the installer and always tricks it into thinking that Winamp is running, although it is definitely not, since it has been removed from my machine (!!)
I also deleted winamp.ini from C:\WINNT, but no change either. My Task Manager doesn't show any winamp process running either.

Please help me to locate the bugger!

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