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Ahh, as I always say: vanilla systems are very interesting.

I selected 'Ignore' and installed anyway.
Now the following happened: the installer complained about a missing msvcp60.dll, that's a runtime component for MSVC++ 6.0.
I have msvcp50.dll on my vanilla system...(remember, Win2K)

Thus Winamp assumes the OS is XP and has the latest MSVC++ 6.0 dll installed, which it should not.

It is really no good to do this normally, but I will simply download and register the 6.0 dll. You guys know what thing to fix in 5.10 then.

[edit] S O L V E D!

It takes some investigation time to even get a slight clue that mIRC (program for Internet Relay Chat) could be involved in Winamp setup, but it WAS!
If you have mIRC running, Winamp setup will claim that Winamp is running!

If you like, you may close this thread.


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