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Joe Satriani - The Traveler (kick ass song)
Joe Satriani - Mindstorm
Joe Satriani - Souls of distortion
Joe Satriani - Flying in a blue dream
Joe Satriani - Is there love in space

The Music - Too High
The Music - The walls get smaller

Metallica - From whom the bell tolls
Metallica - Fade to black
Metallica - Enter sandman
Metallica - Until it sleeps
Metallica - Unforgiven
Metallica - Of wolf and man
Metallica - Master of puppets
Metallica - sad but true

Iron Maiden - The Nomad
Iron Maiden - fear of the dark (live)
Iron Maiden - Afraid to shoot strangers (live)
Iron Maiden - Run to the hills
Iron Maiden - Prowler
Iron Maiden - Brave new world
Iron Maiden - Wasted years
Iron Maiden - Hallowed by name
Iron Maiden - Alexandar the great
Iron Maiden - No more lies

In Flames - Cloud Connection
In Flames - Only for the weak
In Flames - The Jester Race

Tool - Sober
Tool - H
Tool - Schism

Santana - Black magic woman
Santana - Europha

Accept - Princess of the Dawn (personally, I find this to be one of the best guitar solos ever)
Accept - Metal Heart
Accept - Balls to the wall

Van Halen - Aint talkin bout love
Van Halen - Eruption

Steve Vai - For the love of god

Slayer - Angel of death
Slayer - Black magic
Slayer - Seasons in abyss
Slayer - South of heaven

Rage against the machine - Wake up
Rage against the machine - Guerilla radio
Rage against the machine - Killing in the name of
Rage against the machine - Take the power back
Rage against the machine - Renagades of funk

Faith No More - Ashes to ashes
Faith No More - Epic
Faith No More - War pigs

Children of Bodom - Downfall

Black Sabbath - NIB
Black Sabbath - Wicked world
Black Sabbath - Symtom of the universe
Black Sabbath - Black sabbath
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Superstaz
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral

At the drive in - One amred scissor

Arch Enemy - We will rise

Stratovarius - Stratovarius
Stratovarius - Dreamspace
Stratovarius - Destiny
Stratovarius - Thin Ice
Stratovarius - Black Diamond

Iced Earth - I died for you
Iced Earth - My own saviour
Iced Earth - Attilia
Iced Earth - 1776

Dream Theatre - Glass Prison
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