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no, those are just terms EAC came up with on its own, to map to things.

%albuminterpret% is TPE2 i think, while %artist% is track artist, or TPE1

on the page where u configure it, there is a "this means this" thing, but it doesn't actually state the frame. (keep in mind, not everything is id3) its pretty simple to figure out tho, a little trial and error gets it.

what i love about ripping with EAC, is that it handles comps properly, and the folder/filename construction will match the tags.

EDIT: i still rip to a staging area, but EAC does follow the above very well. u just need to realize that anything with even one artist mismatch will rip as comp, so you just need to consider how you want a given CD ripped and tagged. on occassion, i will rip a cd with "extra artists" listed in the song title, and then fix it in tags afterwards, so that it rips as a "normal" cd and not a comp. depends on how i consider the cd.

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