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As you describe it, it seems that those "double files" are just hardlinks, Windows 7 uses much of them to speed up file operations like changing path and even moving them into wastebin.

I suppose, there was an error when you moved the files, so the hardlinks were created, but the former path was kept instead of being deleted.

The files really do only exist only one time, as you already figured out, but there are more entries in the file system which point to them.

You need a program which can deal with hardlinks, as win 7 can only do this with console commands, and (if I'm not wrong) can only CREATE some.

Maybe the program AllDup can help you to remove duplicate files, even those virtual duplicates, as it can deal with hardlinks, but be careful NOT to delete BOTH of the files!

What you also can try is "link shell extension", it can show you which file is a hardlink and where it does direct to.

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