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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
BUT the PL+ DOES have a delay, when the current song "moves to" the bottom, switching to ONE next song won't move the PL+, but it will do on the next switch (sort of a delay I think). I'll see if I can fix it.
Well, it does do as you say, i.e. scrolls the playlist on the next item played after the currently playing item is no longer visible! I wasn't waiting long enough to see that happen. Instead, I was scrolling manually when I didn't see the current item.

If you can't remove the delay, that's ok since the listing does scroll eventually and most will probably not notice the delay.

Anyway, the option "Prevent Winamp from scrolling the current file into view" is provided by DrO's Jump to File Extra plug-in (semi-official plug-in included in the Winamp installation package). If JTFE is installed, the option is on the Winamp Preferences (Ctrl+P) Jump to File - Extras panel under Miscellaneous Features.

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