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Problems with radio station music style on shoutcast.

So when i go to the rmo.shoutcast and i go to my radio station informatrion to change my radio genre (Style) it say: Select your radio station music styles and arrange them in order of importance. Maximum 5 styles.

So i put Reggaeton, Latin, Latin pop, Hip-Hop and Hits USA but when i go to see my radio on shoutcast i dont see it on any of those genre (Style) and then sometimes i see it on the ones that should not be first so i delete all styles and list 2 that is the minimum to see and i put Reggaeton and Latin but still nothing i cant see my radio on the list and then sometimes i see it on other genre (Styles) any help? on my centovacast auto dj i have it the same way config that i have it on the shoutcast website. is offline   Reply With Quote