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Originally Posted by Pesvardur View Post
Hi guys, I'm having this problem:
Every hour or so Winamp (That is to say, if it's open) changes the default for playing videos from my preferred video player to Winamp. And I don't want to play videos in Winamp and I can't seem to find the settings to stop it from changing it. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, Pesvardur

Go to: Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> File Types:

Deselect the file extensions you don’t want Winamp to be the default for.

Uncheck "Restore associations at Winamp startup"

and if enabled, uncheck "Maintain file associations" under "Winamp Agent".

Also note that the installer asks what file associations to associate with Winamp during the Setup stage,
so you could've unchecked the video formats there....
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