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Where did these files come from? Are they hand ripped or P2P?

There are some P2P networks full of trash, buggy and incomplete files. Could be why these are playing up on you.

Do they PLAY okay for you? Or do you hear noise in them?

Okay - this is odd. I downloaded Frank Sinatra. Slung it into my Playlist. Opened File Info (<ALT>+3) and used auto-tag in there fine. No crash.

So I grabbed them all, added to the library, and SendTo -> Autotag crashed on the same file.

Now I am curious. I add all your tracks to my library. Select them all. Now Right click and open file info. I can no go through all of them, one by one, hitting Auto-Tag, OK, Auto-Tag, OK, etc.

When selected like this, Winamp presents them one by one to be looked at. And in every case I see the Tag info updating and then save and go on to the next.

The crash is in the Send To code only.

And now I have "fixed" the MP3 Tags using the <CTRL>+3 method, Send To is happily looking the files up and suggesting tags. I see them all get to the "Queried" stage and can see suggested details for them... and now it crashes. I think it crashed once all of them had been looked up, but before I get a chance to do any changes.
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