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Runtime Errors + Other Errors with Modern Skins.

Hi !

On my other laptop, I'm unable to open any skin, I each time have these windows: Skin Warning Could not loas script 'C:\Users\UTILIS~1\AppData\LoCAL\Temp\WAS2CE.tmp\scripts/loadattribs. maki'
Press 'OK' to continue OK

Then I have another window: error parsing xml layer mismatched tag at line 68 OK

Then if I click on the winamp icon in the taskber, I have this:
Winamp 5.666 Build 3510
Skin Warning
error parsing xml layer

This has happened hundreds of times this morning, I have many Classic and Modern skins in my skin folder c:\Program Files (X86)\Winamp\Skins

I never had any problems until I started to add those old modern skins such as Invicta, GrayZ, Cell and Cell2 (which has a bug, and neither can be renamed...)
I had Winamp 5.65 untill recently, the problem was the same.

At other times, I have a runtime error, which forces me to log off as all is stuck and it's the only solution to be able to use the computer again !!

I use Malware Anti-Malwares (which finds hundreds of "PUP" each time I run it), an anti-virus in good order, etc... I just get annoyed, when I had only classic skins, even very old ones over 12 years old, I never had all these problems. Is there anything wrong with those old modern skins?

Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

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