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Greatest Hits/Various Artist compilations (Now That's What I Call Music, movie soundtracks), the year that particular collection was released.

Re-released/remastered albums (Beatles 2009, AC/DC 2003, the expanded reissues of some albums), the year the original album was released, unless it is a version that has remixes or new tracks recorded later than the original issue. Live tracks of indeterminate date don't count.

Live recordings, depends.
Live recording of ONE concert, the year the concert happened.
Live recording of multiple concerts, if bootleg, the year the concert happened.
If it is an official compilation of live tracks from various concerts, released in a certain year, the year of the release.
If it is a recording of one concert, released officially in a different year than the concert, I'm likely to lean toward the year of the concert.

Essentially this keeps all officially released materials bundled together while keeping all single concert recordings in line with when the concert actually happened.
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