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as for why it did what it did, it's most likely because it explicitly says it handles mp3 and that would lead to in_mad being used for playback and file information, etc instead of the native in_mp3 which is typically the fallback used for anything that isn't processed in any of the other input plug-ins.

i know some people prefer in_mad and alternatives over in_mp3 due to better audio, etc (which is more likely down to any difference in processing done after decoding), but none of them integrate as well into Winamp as would be liked either due to their age or lack of interest. so it's generally best to avoid anything that replaces MP3 playback unless you know what you're doing and why you're doing it and that things will not be as complete as prior to not using the native in_mp3 for things (since it's also used in a number of MPEG related stream processing).
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