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Shoutcast shutting down

I too have been running a shoutcast server (2nd machine running server) for almost 20yrs and recently noticed that the server was shutting down. Actually, in my case, the server isn't shutting down, Winamp is stopping. I started trying to figure out why and noticed my HD (older Maxtor 120gb) is reporting is is about to die and I should backup immediately. I replaced the HD, reinstalled Windows and all the programs I needed. Seems the spare HD I had was also reporting imminent death. So, I find another HD and this one seems fine. I also replaced the PC's power supply. However, the machine only has 2GB ram. Running winamp still causes random shutdown. I tried running the server on the same machine but am using Winamp from another networked PC (mine and it ran for hours with no problems) Since I need my pc for other things, I decided to run Winamp for a different networked PC pointing it at the server PC and it appears to work fine. This morning, I noticed I am getting an Error that says "[Avert sid=1] Advert map retrieval failed with code: 7 [Failed to connect to port 443: Timed Out]" Which I am assuming is showing me an issue with the ads server anyone else with these issues. Can someone from shoutcast verify they aren't having issues withteh ads server?

As a side note; I think the issue is ram. I ran a test on mine and it reported no issues. I think the new shoutcast/winamp software doesn't like a small amount of memory and crashes. Unfortunately, I don't have any spare ram (can't afford to buy at this time). When I ran the server and DSP from my machine with 16GB of ram it ran fine for over 12hrs with no issues. So, what you say shoutcast? Does shoutcas/winamp/DSP need more than 2 GB to run properly?
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