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Originally Posted by Rocker View Post
try CDReader
for cd support(this is a replacement plug-in)

works much nicer
(please remember to read the readme that comes with the installer)

read this for info on enabling vis for MIDI playback
Pulled from

Getting visualisation to work

If you are using some DirectMusic (*) software synth (Microsoft Synthesizer or Yamaha's Softsynth for DirectMusic), enable 'play through Winamp's output system' on output tab and everything should work fine.

Otherwise, you need to use sampling. You can enable it on output tab. After that, you need to configure device to record from, data source (usually "MIDI" or something), sampling format (higher quality = more CPU usage + better-looking VIS), etc.

It is recommended that you set one of those 'standard' formats (eg. 44100 Hz / stereo / 16-bit or 22050 Hz / mono / 8-bit), otherwise it probably won't work with your soundcard (or simply leave the default settings and don't change them).

Selecting source is usually the most troublemaking part. There should be something like 'MIDI' on the list; select it. If you can't find it, try playing with various settings. If no one of them works or signal is too weak, select 'default', then go to windows' volume control / options / properties, select recording and enable all controls, close properties window and try messing with settings (note: you can do that while playing MIDI - effects of changed settings will be visible immediately.)
It seems that on some systems you don't get any options under source if you set 'microsoft sound mapper' (or something like that) as recording device - if this happens, select your soundcard under device frist.

(*) Note that you must turn off "Disable DirectMusic support" option on DirectMusic tab and restart Winamp first. DirectMusic is now disabled by default because of poor quality of available drivers causing Winamp to crash on startup.
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