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Built in Visualizations Problem

I need the help of some expert out there. Please respond here and to my email, which is

All had been working fine, but one area is not working now. It used to!!!

I am referring to the built-in visualization. This is the “vertical bars” that move up and down while the music is playing and acts like a spectrum analyzer.

On mp3 files, no problem. On CD-audio or midi files, this no longer works. All I get is a horizontal line in the middle of the spectrum analyizer area.

There is a message for CD audio that says “be sure to set up your soundcard sampling input to the correct input source in order to have visualization.” Apparently, it is looking for 44khz 16 bit stereo.

What WINAMP displays for CD audio is 14H kbps and 44 khz. The music plays fine, but the sampling rate is not correct.

I do not know what 14H means.

How do you set up the soundcard CD sampling rate?

How do I get WINAMP to function properly again?

I have a Sager 2280 laptop with an SiS sound card in it, whatever that is, and am using Windows 98 as the operating system.

Also, I have turned on the checkboxes for visualization sampling in the input driver section for CD and Midi, but this has no affect.

George Stein
Stephens City, VA USA
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