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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
yes, i follow, and i spoke sloppily. i suppose what i was asking is what settings exactly is winamp using to adjust filesize? do they depend on the source image? or are they static, meaning always reduce dpi 20% or somthing like that? i just find the behavior a bit odd and unexpected to begin with, altho i can see where someone might have deemed it wise at one time.
Notice that in IrfanView when you do a Save As / JPEG it always uses the same settings as last time. Ignoring the quality of the original source file.

My guess will be that the Winamp code when it was written had a developer taking a random choice of quality levels and picking that as a default. I remember my screen 15 years ago barely able to show a 1024x768 full screen - so it would have made sense at the time for highly compressed JPEGs.

If you think about it this makes sense as the dialog in Winamp to select artwork can handle other file types like Bitmaps, PNG, Gif, etc. Which would imply there was no reason to assume a link between the load and the save routines. Unlike your "drag and drop" example.
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