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Re: Two new translations

Originally posted by beerewold

I just wanted to add two new translations to the set of collections you already have, Amharic and Tigringa.

1) No LangIDs for these languages are generated as they are not included in the MakeLangID.exe list. What to do?

2) Is it enough to make translations of the string values in the english.nsh file, after saving it under the names amharic.nsh and tigringa.nhs resp.?

3) I've got no clues on how the .nlf files are created/generated, excuse my ignorance!

Thanx in advance!
Hi again!

How should I interprate your silence, guys? As if you are not interested in dealing with the addition of the languages mentioned above? Would be nice to say so in that case since I am waiting for an answer.

You can ignore the last two questions, but pls help with the first one!

Thanx again!
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