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Precision slider impossible?

I am trying to make a precision equalization slider and it seems that this may not be possible. Here is an example of the XML.

low="-127" high="127"
x="134" y="0"
w="13" h="80"
The button has a size of 13widex8high

I trap the changes and display them. It seems that in the middle the button stays in one place and has 2 possible values when you move the mouse. In the middle -3 and 0 are the same button position. This also happens in other places in the range. This is very obvious if you go to 200% magnification.

The current modern skin slider is a bit cuckoo. It has something like 7 tick intervals from 0 to 6 dB. The ticks are just decorative rather than functional. Also with the detent at 0 it is not possible to equalize less that 2.5dB or so. So this is why I am trying to make a more precise equalizer.

Does anyone have a solution, workaround, or explanation?
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