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Originally Posted by GorillaCat View Post
Hi Winamp team, I was wondering if you can-
1.) Add auto-tagging based on the tags present in the files so what's missing will be filled in or specific fields can be filled
just for clarity, the old autotag did take existing tags into account, but would over-write them. WMP has a feature called "only add missing info" which sounds closer to what u mean, and is something i would like as well.

i would also like to have a better tool to get the proper year in a tag. specifically, i consider year a song field, not an album one. so let the user pick that in prefs, and then do auto tags for years only, so that songs can all be tagged via year released. while in many cases, the song/album would share the same year, in many other cases they don't. this would greatly enhance listening by year if u want to relive 1979 for example.

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