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Lately i get personal e mail from Shoutcast: Shoutcast Presents its new Streaming Offer: Shoutcast For Business: see e mail

The difference between platforms is not understood at all! VS

One month ago Shoutcast support team (name Bruno G), migrate my station to the new platform "", now i am on the new platform and there is a lot of problem with the Radiomanager/management panel and settings; Radio station music genre, Localization and visibility, HTML5 player Track-list Information not appear at all... to name a few....

In addition It is very frustrating that they do not return to emails, There are cases where they do not even return to email at all, (2 emails i sent them, I wait more than 3 weeks, I have no choice but to upload the case as posts on Facebook and social networks to be treated, than i get an email reply from shoutcast). WE ARE DEALING WITH LIVE STREAMING - Air time. Shoutcast support service is not good. You need to improve yourself guys.

How exactly the platforms speak/or not to each other, what is the essential difference?

If you migrate the station why is my radio still on the old platform?

I have no reason to move forward (pay you for such not clear messy manager platform) with so many problems, lack of stability in the broadcast, lack of information, assimilation & embedding options.

After all this years SHOUTCAST. WINAMP crisis ; turning point & new company acquisition, we still loyal, however its feel amateur. I think we all deserve a fair understanding.

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