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Ripping CDs to FLAC - longer filenames cut off the file extension

I'm using Winamp Pro 5.623 in WinXP. New installation using only the plugins that were included in the download.

I'm ripping CDs as FLAC files with the default file naming convention.

The track filename seems to be limited in the number of characters and after a certain point it cuts off the file extension (.flac) at the end, so that the FLAC file is unrecognizable to other applications, though the media library can import it and recognize it.

Is there a fix for this? Win filenames can be as long as 255 characters.

ETA: Never mind - I just remembered that the 255 character limit includes the path name, so when long album names (etc.) are included in folders and the limit is pushed, it ends up chopping off the extension for longer names.

Anyone have any suggestions for 'best practices' when ripping CDs? I'm trying to make a Winamp-based media centre out of my full CD collection. Thanks.
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