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Fixing Problems connecting to your SHOUTCast radio and you have a Router

Fixing Problems connecting to your SHOUTCast radio and you have a Router

If you can't get other ppl to connect to your server because your ip address is something like, that is because that is a private networking number, and about 1000k ppl have that same ip. What you need to do is

1. See what ur Ip Address is.

2. Go to ur router setings

3. Find your "Forwadring" options.

4. Find something like Service Port Range and change that to 8000 ~ 8000 (Default port number for SHOUTCast)

5. Now change the internal network ip address (e.g. 192.168.1.___) to (Or whatever your ip address on the private network is.)*

6. Hit Apply

You should be done. This worked for me. Now for the number to get to your SHOUTCast?? Go to here and see what that number says your ip address is. Then, type http://urip:urportnumber/listen.pls**

Note the ** is for information, not part of the url.

* To find this out, for Widnows 95, 98, or ME(not sure on ME) click Start>Run> Type winipcfg> Ok> Make sure your Etheernet Card is selected (e.g. CardBus 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter) and then the number is there under IP Address. For WINDOWS 2000 PRO (not sure if it's the same on Home version) Start> Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt> Type ipconfig> It's beside IP Address -That should be all

** http:// is required and it is also case sensitive (This won't work e.g wouldn't work nor will this e.g.
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