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(I love rants)

1. There is no official unicode build, unless someone steps up you will never see an official unicode build. I don't think it is a good idea to support the fork so I will not provide builds for it ATM

2. I don't control the internet (sorry), but the download on the main wiki page should work.

3. Did you look in UAC.nsh? Anyway, unless you are calling UAC_AsUser_ExecShell on the finish page you are probably doing something the plugin was not designed to do AKA the basic example on the current wiki page is the intended usage of the plugin. The plugin was never designed to be user friendly, it was really just a experiment in the early days of Vista.

The load screen is only there to deal with loss of focus in .oninit and the icon was the best I could do (What do you suggest the status message should say?)

There are no future plans for the plugin, IMHO it is more important that we get a new NSIS release and I am working on that... (If someone wanted to take over the plugin it would probably be a better idea to start over from scratch since the source code is a ugly mess full of hacks)

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